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HEY THERE, new friend.

I'm Angeles 

Growing up with a love of food and beauty products, what I once thought was "healthy" and fun was completely the opposite . I always knew I had a big purpose for my life... fortunately, I learned to uncover a root cause approach to rebalance my body and became pregnant at 40. I know I am blessed to have such great findings but know my mission is to share with you all the information just as I've learned from great teachers and help you revive your unique gut and hormone conditions.  While all medicine works, Integrative Health  however, takes a holistic look at the natural biological function and all internal and external factors that can make all the difference in the world in mind, body and spirit. Natural healing is possible ....

I believe THE Right knowledge is KEY, which is why i made it my MISSion to educate, empower and Support  women and believe you can do anything YOU SET your mind TO. My INTENTIOn IS TO ADVOCATE FOR YOUR HEAlth THrough EVIDENCE-BAsed integrative and FUNCTIONAL medicine.

In my health journey, I've been there, done that fad diet, fancy workout, new "product", suffered from neck and back pain, been physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually  and psychologically stressed, burned out, exhausted, tired from perfectionism, overachieving from past childhood trauma, battled infertility, miscarriages, allergies, food sensitivities, bloating, IBS, IVF, thyroid challenges, weight gain, hair loss, post partum, baby blues, gestational diabetes, hormonal changes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol,  and the list goes on...but all my lab work was "normal". Even with access to dozens of speciality doctors and surgeons, who would easily prescribe any pill I wished or ready to cut and inject,
 I still had zero answers.

As an Integrated Health Practitioner, wife, and mother of 2, it was not always champagne and roses. I was challenged for the last 15 years with many health conditions and have worked with the best pharmaceutical companies and specialty Doctors and understand how frustrating the healthcare system can be. 

With a change in direction & mindset, I naturally took a chance on going after what I loved.

And now I'm here to help you along your journey.

HERe's my story 

A few things I beleive

Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food 
       ~ Hippocrates

A few things I beleive

The universe won't task you with things you aren't equipped to handle.



 Ready to take the first step and learn your unique path to wellness? Book a wellness consult and see if we can figure out the best plan for your needs.


 how i can help

Listening is at the core of guiding you on your journey. Focused, reflective and customized wellness plans based on your unique personal condition. 



Amazing plant based hormones and supplements,  nutritious, wholesome, clean recipes, smoothies, non toxic beauty,  health and wellness tips , anti-aging and so much more. 

let's do this 

Ready to begin your gut healing journey?

Now is the time to finally put an end to mood, slow metabolism, mysterious bloating, brain fog, skin, and digestive issues.